Friday, September 18, 2009

To return or not to return

I apologize!
Don't even know where to start from.
How are you all doing? I've have missed all of you sooooo much. Thanks to all of you who still kept coming by with the hopes that I would someday return. I don't know that I'm returning for good, but I'm here today..that's what I know for sure.

The past one and a half years for me has been one big roller-coaster ride. I've called at least six or seven different countries's crazy I tell you. I just wanna be home; the real naija. In Abuja at the moment for a few weeks then I'm out again to SA for another few weeks. My new job is crazy, I tell ya. I've been to places I never dreamed I would ever go...I think I'm also a very different person...grown up a whole lot...

My big news? I got married in March this year!!! Yay. It was supposed to be last December, but because of my traveling, we had to postpone it. Marriage is great. Ain't pregnant yet (to the chagrin of my 'aunts' and 'uncles'), have no intention to be any time soon. Boo thinks it's not the right time with all my traveling and all. I couldn't agree more.

Will do a proper post this weekend, hopefully. I need to go round blogsville and see what y'all up to and meet the new kids on the block.

I'm out!