Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Back!!!

The weirdest, most annoying thing just happened to me now! I just typed a very long post and it disappeared before I could save or publish it. I'm so pissed. The auto save thingy doesn't seem to be working anymore. In fact this 'Create Post' page is looking real strange to me!

Well, let me try and start afresh...dang!
Thanks to all those who kept checking up on me. I'm back now and ready for action. My boss traveled since last week (em, sorry o), but he gave me a whole lot of work to last one year! I've relaxed jare...since I know I possibly can't meet up before he returns on Monday. Talk about unrealistic expectations!!

Nothing much has been happening sha...a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I will now proceed to ramble some. My aunt (Mom's cousin) was in Abuja over the weekend. She was on her way to Kaduna on official assignment and decided to visit with me before continuing on her journey. She kept asking funny questions and I knew they were all about Boo. She was asking strange questions like who paid for my house? Who furnished it? Who bought me a car? How did I get my job? Was I sleeping with Boo? I thought these questions were down right strange and inappropriate, but I just laughed them off without answering any of them. I introduced her to Boo eventually at a party organized by Boo's office. He asked me to invite her if she was up to it. To cut the long story short, she was acting real funny all night. When we got home, I asked her what the problem was, but she said that her spirit and his don't agree, that she prayed about us and because she felt uneasy, she decided to speak to her pastor. Her pastor told her that Boo is a 419, that he just wants to use and dump me! She went on to say that the only way I could make him mine forever was to get pregnant, that couldn't I see he was too good to be true? I was too amazed for words! Just imagine. I told her I didn't want to hear any more. If that was her motherly advice to me, she should just keep it to herself. Her 2 daughters are yet to be married and they are older than suitors, nothing. Na my life she wan come spoil? If she knew so much, why were her kids not married? Abeg! I feel she is just jealous.
I was so glad when she left. I told Boo all she said and we laughed together. It's been a while I heard such crap, really.

I have started going to the gym again (I quit a while back and I swear, I've gained at least 2KG!). I want to loose the extra weight and prevent any future weight gains. Putting on the weight is easy, but getting it off is the real pain. I weigh 64KG normally. I'm 5ft 6inches tall, so I'm just OK. Not skinny, but not fat and I love the way i am but I need to work hard to maintain what I've got. That reminds jerk of a guy saw me having lunch in my office recently and was trying to joke one kind yeye joke. He said, 'Chickito, So you still dey chop? You are already well padded and people like you need to save food for the rest of us to eat.' He laughed very loudly as if congratulating himself for telling some brilliant joke. The guy forgot that his wife looks like luxury bus tyres. Very chubby (that is putting it mildly!) I replied him with, 'I'm guessing your wife didn't get the memo?' *Ouch* I'm sure he thought to himself. He stopped laughing and walked away. Next time, he'd know better.

Any way I guess I've done my bit here for today. Be good y'all and enjoy the rest of your day!
I'm out!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lazy Me

...So bite me! Abeg jo. Things are really hectic for me at the moment. Blogging has been relegated to the back seat for now. Hopefully when my boss travels, I will be back in form. But for now, I have to snick around just to read your blogs.

Missing you guys real bad...*sniff sniff*
Don't forget me, please? I'm still around. Check up on me when you can.
I love y'all.
I'm out.

N.B: Abbie, ma big sis DL and Ms Emotions..a special shout out to you for showing the love...muahhhh.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Female Driver

It rained for a bit this morning in Abuja. Thankfully, when it does, there is still no traffic and water doesn't gather annoyingly on the roads. I was running a little late for work this morning, so I drove a little faster than I normally would, but no matter how fast I'm moving, I'm always very conscious of traffic rules. I don't overtake wrongly or put the lives of other drivers and passengers at stake. There was a driver who tried to overtake me wrongly, because he saw I was a female driver. (Why are Nigerian drivers so impatient?). But as an expert driver myself (if I may say so..started driving at sixteen), I maneuvered my car, making sure he didn't pass me. Normally I just let crazy, impatient drivers go with their wahala. But this morning, I was running late, so I didn't. After trying everything he possible could to scare me off and I didn't budge, he conceded defeat to prance on the next victim. I wasn't aware that a bus driver watched us with amusement and when we stopped at the next traffic light, he said,
'You be woman o, why you dey drive like tazi driva?' He was smiling. As if to say he was impressed. I wasn't sure if I liked the back handed compliment, but I just let it slide without responding.

Most times while driving, I've seen and heard other drivers insulting female drivers. Comments like 'E no sabi, na woman, no wonder,' or 'I must drive myself, you no go tell your husband to give you driver?' or 'Na so woman dey drive!' are not uncommon on the road. Are there really that few good female drivers, or are the male drivers just being sexist? It annoys me on end though, when I see a woman who has no business driving, being a nuisance on the streets. I feel it is women like that that make people generalize that women are bad drivers. If it is a man, no one says anything, they'd just write it off as one of those things, maybe he's having a bad day! *Hiss*
Here are some photos I got in an email a while ago..

I just couldn't help but add these pictures. I'm not making fun of my gender o. Hehe.
I've got to go. Have a lovely weekend y'all. Muuaah