Friday, September 18, 2009

To return or not to return

I apologize!
Don't even know where to start from.
How are you all doing? I've have missed all of you sooooo much. Thanks to all of you who still kept coming by with the hopes that I would someday return. I don't know that I'm returning for good, but I'm here today..that's what I know for sure.

The past one and a half years for me has been one big roller-coaster ride. I've called at least six or seven different countries's crazy I tell you. I just wanna be home; the real naija. In Abuja at the moment for a few weeks then I'm out again to SA for another few weeks. My new job is crazy, I tell ya. I've been to places I never dreamed I would ever go...I think I'm also a very different person...grown up a whole lot...

My big news? I got married in March this year!!! Yay. It was supposed to be last December, but because of my traveling, we had to postpone it. Marriage is great. Ain't pregnant yet (to the chagrin of my 'aunts' and 'uncles'), have no intention to be any time soon. Boo thinks it's not the right time with all my traveling and all. I couldn't agree more.

Will do a proper post this weekend, hopefully. I need to go round blogsville and see what y'all up to and meet the new kids on the block.

I'm out!


Zena said...

Welcome Back and congratulations on your wedding

Omotee! said...

Mrs. Chikito..... congrats o! and nice to have u back. me i want gist of ur wedding day since i dont suppose u kept a cake for me!

congrats dear!

doll said...

at least you are alive...congrats on your wedding

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...


Afrobabe said...

OMG OMG OMG.....SHE GOT MARRIED...OMG...You are so wicked....didnt invite me...tot you were my friend...hissssssssssss....

like you too much to stay the ring...congrats babes...kiss kiss...

Afrobabe said...

Hisss I just remembered how many messages I left didn't even reply one to let me know you were ok...

9jamommy said...

wow, all sounds soo exciting..congrats on the wedding!

THIRTY + said...

Well if not that I have soft spot for you I would have just chop chin and not even drop comment. Anyway since the father recieved prodigal son with embrace, oya come over and get this big bear hug kiss, kiss (one for each cheek).

Phew I am so happy you are well and congrats on your marriage. It shall be a fruitful union full of love.

Bookie19 said...


fantasy queen said...

omgoodness, you;re back(well hopefully) and you're married, and you have a swell job:)

congrats on ur wedding and wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

omg!omg!!you are back...i forgive you for living us high n dry like that..congrats in d is ur
pls hurry up and do a proper post o

Anonymous said...

i meant .congrats on d

Good Naija Girl said...

This is a pleasant surprise! Welcome back! Congrats on your marriage and do come back and update us as promised.

That is a lot of traveling! I haven't been to six countries in my entire life, talk less in a year and a half!

Onyeka said...

Dude finally! thought you'd fallen off the face off the earth! Congrats by the way. On everything!

omoh said...

yay!she's know i had to cross-check the blogname to be sure its the naija-chikito i know.1st of ol,thank god ur alive-dunt u eva leave like that again,k.and 2nd,congrats on ur new status-a "mrs".so happy 4 u.
Oya,its time 4 a proper post.take ya time to give us full gist in detail.

Naija Chickito said...

@Zena--Thank you

@Omotee--Thank you dear! Hopefully, someday soon will post the details of the wedding and all the things that have been happening!

@doll--Thank you! Alive and kicking.

@anonymous gal--Madam Retiree! Thanks o.

@Afrobabe--O babes, don't even know what to say. I'm sooo sorry. Thanks for forgiving me!

@9jamommy--Thank you Ma'am.

@THIRTY + --Ohh Sis. I know, I know. Thank you o. I really appreciate your not snubbing me! And AMEN to your prayers, we need it!

@Bookie19--Thank you. Will do so very soon. Thanks again

@fantasy queen--Babes. Thanks o. Your recent blog posts have this something about new edge...hmm...I like.

@pink-satin--Baby!!!! Thanks. My mother-in-law has cooled down a bit o. After meeting and interacting with members of my family (especially my mum) during the wedding. Will give you the gist soon.

@Good Naija Girl--Thank you very much. But you like gist o. As for the traveling, it was exciting at first, but it started to take it's toll..

@omoh--ahhh. Thanks. Will do a proper post soonest. Stay tuned. Lol

misspumping said...




ireakari o

welcome bk

Anonymous said...


darkelcee said...

haa,congrats. it was in the same month we tied the knots oh.

how is hubby?

you are sure having fun with ur job. abeg no leave hubby for too much hmm?

Welcome back!

Myne Whitman said...

Nice blog, seems I come at a good time. Congrats on all and hope to see more of you.

histreasure said...

Found you a while back and bookmarked your page, now i check it out and you've updated..swell!!

congrats on your wedding and hope you are back to stay!!

Enkay said...

Didn't know you before you went away but it's nice to have you back all the same!

I'll be looking out for your update!

LG said...

hmmmmmmmm nawa o, so e don late to ask of wedding cake abi?????
congrats dearie, but i must be miss d 2nd cerebration o *wink*
*welcome bac


congrats, babe!

Olafusi Michael O. said...

Nice blog and congrats.

Nice Anon said...

Na wa o! You came back?? Married and stuff too. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

nice blog. justfound it yesterday and i just had to go thru it all. a pity that u abandoned blogville this year but u r welcome back.

hope we will be seeing more of you. at least you can share your experiences from the other side of the divide.

congrats and ciao

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Jaycee said...

See when i'm typing my wn response. Congrats girlie...all grown up now...

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