Thursday, January 10, 2008


Anyone remember Monica, from the "Don't Take It Personal" fame? (I grew up listening to such sounds!) She gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday afternoon. I wasn't even aware that she was pregnant. According to reports, she was in the studio recording her new album even up until late into her pregnancy. I am happy for her and wish her every happiness. I hope her new album does much better than the previous one. I love her music. But she's beginning to look em...'mature' o! I thought she was like 27! Still love her though.

Moving on to not so happy news, I just heard that Timi Dakolo, winner of West African Idol, that aired on MNET, and ended on May 26, 2007 at the home of Idols, Planet One, Lagos, Nigeria, was shot in the head by unknown men on the 1st of January 2008! I got the information from This Page . I'm still hoping it's a know, false alarm. What is Nigeria coming to? According to reports,it happened in Port-harcourt, inside his hotel room. Though he sustained injuries from the incident, he is alive and receiving treatment. I thank God. This is wishing Timi speedy recovery.

OK, this one na just amebo. I love Oprah Winfrey so much. I always watch her shows if I get home from work early enough. I love the way she inspires people especially women. Looking at where she's coming from and where she is now, I am convinced that I too, can achieve anything that I set my mind to...including loosing weight! I'm not overweight, but I don't exactly look like those little things I see on E! LOL (You know the saying, "You can never be too rich or too thin!") I stay in a flat with a colleague/friend of mine. Everything we do now is geared to helping us loose weight...and you need to see us. We go for aerobic classes, but our instructor doesn't really take us serious because he has other women that really need the attention. Can you just imagine that? Anyway, I'm digressing. What was my point again....Oh, I remember. I was talking about Oprah. I believe she lost weight the healthy way, through exercise and proper dieting. Some random guy was giving me 'authentic' gist that she goes to the hospital where his aunty works every year, to have fat 'sucked' out from her body!! What da.... Crazy guy huh? I can't believe my beloved Oprah will lie to her loyal and loving fan base! If she said liposuction was the was to go, we'll all save our very last kobo to get it done. Hope she's not deceiving us (making us do what she never did-exercise and proper diet!). That will be so uncool. LOL. Please judge for yourselves.

Thanks to all of you who find my blog and drop your comments. I am encouraged.
I'm out.


Onome said...

am so hoping dat timi story is just a rumor ooo..wetin d guy do na..who go wan shoot am for head? d real owners?

Florida of Free Spirit said...

Monica has a baby????? Who would have thought??? So, who's d baby-daddy????

Yeah, heard abt Timi too. Real sad!!!Wetin e go port-harcourt go do na? Ever since d kidnapping spree, i dey fear 2 go anywhere near d niger delta.

used 2 like Oprah, but now i think she'd full of shit. couldn't care less how she lost her weight.

so u r new n blogville. u r welcome. hope u like it here. i love it. do try 2 visit other blogs, u'd learn a great deal abt writing 4rm doing so. it sure helped me.

onydchic said...

Ah, i see you're on the quest for the perfect weight as well. Even though from what I read, you don't need it as much as I do!

Uzo said...

Yeah..This is Monica's second child with her long time man...i forget his name

I hope the Timi thing is a rumour as well and i really dont believe the Oprah story...

Hot blog

Tiger Tem said...

wowee, never knew monica had oen kid let alone 2! I guess she's been busy.

Sad news about Timi. Nigeria is slowly but surely getting out of control and the pricks in government seem to care less and less about the people and more and more about their G5s.

Oprah, ho hum. All that money must have helped in ways in can't help regular people. Perhaps. Undecided. And yep, don't really care.

Mommy said...

Time got shot in the HEAD...abeg someone tell me its a rumour. Hey...Welcome to blogsville. Sit down and relax. You are in for a real spin. Thanx for stoping by mine. Cheers!

Mommy said...

oops...I meant Timi. :o)

Girlie said...

Welcome to blogsville!!!!
am hoping the whole timi thingie is a rumour oh. Abeg....

Anyway Happy new year and all dat goodness.

Nice blog.


!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

Nah lie,Timi,what is naija becoming nowadays,im so ashamed and portharcourt is my home town.God abeg oh.

anyhoo,im an loving this blog girl,you give me jokes, too much infact,i love your blog name "The Dairy of a a Naija Chickito" a real classic,

As for operah who cares,she looks good,I always say, do whatever you have to acheive your goal,if you dont have the money to loose weight with surgery,you dont have much choice,loose it with diet.

no long ting

anonymous gal said...

Timi was shoot but they said he is recoverin and i doubt it was in the head,.

princesa said...

First off, welcome to blogville and thnx for dropping by my blog.
I think you are off to a good strat already.

Its a pity about timi, i pray he recovers fast. naija is not safe at all(Where is anyway?...even Lucky dube was killed in South africa)

On Oprah, however she lost the wieght no consain me. The truth is Diet and Exercise really works.

Maybe you should try the all protein Atkins Diet. It worked for me.

desperate lady said...

Omg Oprah is beautiful! Money can change loadsa stuff. I've never bought Monica's album before, i actually don't enjoy her songs.
I hope timi recovers. I wish him well.

Comrade said...

From what I heard, there was some violence in PH immediately after the Watchnight service on 31st of December. Timi and a couple of other entertainers were at Hotel Presidential and he was shot in the leg. He's said to be ok now.